LotFancy Laptop Keyboard for Asus A43 A52 A53 B53 F50 F70 G51 G53 G60 K52 K53 K55N N50 N51 N60 N61 N73 U50 UL50 VX7 W90 X52 X53 Series Notebook US English Layout

by LotFancy
Note: Two Versions of This Keyboard, Different Ribbon Cable, Please Check Our Pictures before Bidding It
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Replacement Keyboard for the Following Laptop Models: Asus A43 A52 A53 A54L A73E B53 F50 F70 G51 G53 G60 G72 G73 K52 K53 K55N K72 K73 N50 N51 N52 N53 N60 N61 N60DP N70 N71 N73 U50 UL50 VX7 W90 X52 X53 X54 X61 X66 X72 Series A43 A43E A52 A52F A52J A52N A52B A52D A52DR A52DY A52JC A52JB A52JE A52BY A52JK A52JR A52JT A52JU A52JV A53 A53E A53SK A53TA A53Z A53BR A53E-XN1 A53E-XE2 A53SV-XN1 A53SV-XE2 A54L A73E B53 B53E B53F B53J B53S B53J-A1B B53F-A1B F50 F50GX F50SF F50SV F50N F50Z F70 F70SL G51 G51J G51J3D G51VX G51JX G51VX G53 G53JW G53SW G53SX G53JD G60 G60J G60JX G60VX G72 G72GX G73 G73JH G73JW G73SW K52 K52DE K52DR K52DY K52N K52F K52J K52JB K52JC K52JE K52JK K52JR K52JT K52JU K52JV K53 K53E K53SC K53SJ K53S K53X K53BY K53SV K53TA K53U K53E-1A K53SC-1B K53SJ-3C K55N K72 K72DR K72DY K72F K72JB K72JK K72JR K72JT K72JU K73 K73E K73S K73Y N50 N50V N50VC N50VG N50VN N51 N51A N51VG N51VN N51TE N51TP N51VF N52 N52D N52DA N52J N52JV N53 N53J N53JF N53JQ N53JG N53JL N53JN N60 N61 N61J N61V N61JQ N61JA N61DA N61VG N61VN N61VF N61JV N60DP N70 N70SV N71 N71JA N71JG N71JV N71VG N71VN N71JQ N73 N73J N73JG N73JN N73JF N73JQ P53E P53SJ U50 U50V UL50 UX50 U50A U50F U50VF U50VG UL50A UL50V UL50AG UL50AT UL50VF UL50VG UL50VS UL50VT UX50V VX7 VX7SX W90 W90V W90VN W90VP X52 X52F X52J X52JR X52DE X52D X52DR X52DY X53 X53E X53E-XR1 X53E-XR2X53E-RS32 X54 X54L X54XI X54XB X54C X54H X54HY X54H-BD3MA X61SL X61SV X61Z X61GX X61Q X61SF X66 X66IC X66W X72J X72D X72DR X72JK X72JR X72JT X72F

BindingPersonal Computers
Package Quantity1
Part Number986-310NL
Product GroupPC Accessory

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