Dolceoro Personalized Medical ID Alert Bracelet Custom Engraving CANCER, LYMPHEDEMA, Sizeable & Stretchable, Italian Style Modular Charm Links, Fits: Women, Men, Kids - SELECT YOUR WRIST SIZE

by Dolceoro
*** Dolceoro "Modular" Bracelet *** It means now you have flexibility to add or to remove links (Charms) from your bracelet, adjust it to your wrist, or have freedom to change your medical condition in future if and when your condition changes without needing of buying a new bracelet. This technology "Stretchable Bracelet" gives elasticity and comforts you need to put on or take off the bracelet with ease.
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All Italian Charm Bracelets are made of several “Links” connected by similar interlocking mechanism, which makes them compatible to each other. This “Super Link” is fully compatible to all 9mm Italian Charm Bracelet.  

You can view online videos [ HOW TO PUT ITALIAN CHARMS TOGETHER ] if you are not familiar with this style.

*** NOTE & INSTRUCTION *** Italian Charms are modular links.

On the left side of each charm is a hook and on the right side is a visible bar.

Putting together an Italian charm bracelet from charm (link) is not difficult and it might require some practice. It would help to wear a latex glove for a better gripping and use a soft material such as plastic clips, which does not scratch the charm surface to open individual links.

It is important to realize that each link has two different sides and can only be linked in a certain direction. Please use the step by step instructions shown on the last listing image.

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