LinnaLove Simple Rolo chain Medical id bracelet for Women & girl-Pre-engraved BLOOD THINNER/DIABETES TYPE 1/2

by LinnaLove
MATERIAL: 3.16L Stainless Steel, 100% Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic
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We launch this beautiful stainless steel Rolo medical id bracelet, designed for women and teenagers. The exquisite design is a very cute bracelet!

We give an emergency medical card (see photo): This is to protect your privacy design. According to medical card tips, handwritten information. Place the card in the wallet. Size: 3.54X1.77in (business card size)
Great item to carry with you at all times, give to care takers, teachers, ICE family members with your medical information, and baby sitters
They provide great medical warning bracelets for children and adults.The "life star" medical warning signs are easily recognized worldwide to provide advice on existing medical conditions.

We have engraving the cases are:
Type 1 Diabetes,Type 2 Diabetes,Diabetic -Insulin Dependant,Blood Thinners,High BP,Pacemaker,Epilepsy,Seizures,Asthma,Hypoglycemia,Coumadin,Celiac,Mphphine,Bee Sting Allergy,Nut Allergy,Peanut Allergy,Penicillin Allergy,Tree Nut Allergy,,Shellfish,Warfarin...

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